Monday, January 28, 2008

Steam Roller

Happy Jude
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Last week I got to thinking that Jude should be able to roll over by now. So we laid out a blanket and put him down and the first thing he did was roll right over from his stomach to his back! He is working hard on rolling from his back to his stomach and we think he will have it soon.
We had a great weekend with family and friends. Heather, Brad and Kathryn came over for dinner on Saturday night. Kathryn can now walk, so she and Noah spent the evening chasing each other around. Sunday we went out the beach and spend the afternoon with John and Noushin. Noah got to run around in the sand and we quickly learned that he doesn’t like to get sand on his hands. He worked very hard at perfecting his climbing abilities as to prevent having to put his hands in the sand.
We also got out the exersaucer this weekend and let Jude try it out. Noah was very quick to point out that this was once his toy and showed Jude how to play with it. Jude wasn’t so sure that he liked standing in it and only last about 5 minutes. We’ll keep trying though!


britt said...

i'm amazed at how much your boys look like their mom! and i think noah looks like his mom's mom. what do you think? love britt

catsteevens said...

I was thinking the same....which one looks like whom? Does Noah look more like Sherry or Ben (I think Sherry)? And Jude?