Thursday, March 15, 2007

Noah the Climber

Noah has finally figured out how to climb, which has been keeping us very busy. For a while he could only climb onto the ottoman, but now he has made it to the couch. And he has also learned a new word: Sit. So he climbs onto the couch, starts running around proudly saying sit, sit, sit (note the running around part). We now spend our days threatening to take him off of the couch if he doesn't sit, taking him off the couch and watching him climb back up and run around. Repeat. I just hope that climbing out of the crib is not soon to follow.
Noah went to the park today with Grandma and enjoyed the swings and the hanging bridge on the play set. His friends Abby and Zack were there to keep him company.
We have sitter coming over Saturday night so that we can go out like adults and eat dinner after 7:00. Should be great fun.

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