Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dad Moments

For those of you reading without kids, here are some moments that I have found myself really enjoying lately... and if anyone had tried to tell me, prior to me experiencing them myself, how special they would feel, I would of told them how stupid they were.

I just pulled some paper out of my shirt pocket... it was ripped up and half moist, from where Noah had been trying to eat it. I had started putting things in that pocket this morning on the airplane to distract him and keep him from annoying the other passengers. It worked and he started putting everything he could find down into that pocket. It bought us a total of 143 seconds, before he wanted something else. But, I had forgotten about it. Just now when I leaned forward I heard the crinkle I looked down and saw that I had not removed all of it when the friendly Southwest steward had come to collect my trash. I don't know why, but pulling it out and throwing it away, made me smile.

That is one of the little "dad momemnts" that I find myself getting sappy about. There are also the more obvious ones like playing "fort" with Noah. Where the boys hide under the blanket and then open the "door" and say "hiii" to Mom or Granny.

There is how he tucks his hands under himself when you pick him up if he is tired. Or how he is learning to hug... that is a great moment! And how I don't mind that when he is really feeling fond of me, he opens his mouth for his version of a kiss. Yeah, I know it sounds strange, and yes, it requires more then one wipe to get it all off after he is done with his show of affection.

But I know it is all temporary. So I just try to sit back and enjoy it, and try not to think about the day that his friends tell him that kissing his Dad is gross. And try harder not to think about him believing them.

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E.N. said...

Its these Moments of Minutiae that are the most enjoyable and rewarding; and you're right, they won't be understood by non-parents.