Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HowTo: Make Noah Money

I was talking to my sister, and although she is not the most technical human on this planet, she is not the least... regardless, she said she didn't understand how to help contribute to Noah's college beer fund. So here are some simple instructions:

1) Visit this blog daily
- For those of you that get emails, you have to actually come to
- Save it as your homepage, that way every time you open up a new internet browser window we will get a page hit, versus giving that page view away for free to some other site that you don't even know.
- Use the search form I have added (another reason to make it your homepage). I get additional money from Google for being the person to direct searches to their site
2) Click on the Ads on the top of the page (there have been a lot of Harry Potter and "Are you a super Mom?" ads so far), and the Ads in pink on the lower right side.
- You don't have to read anything, just click on the ad, let the page load, and then click the back button
- If it is interesting feel free to keep clicking, our site will be here when you get back

Noah has earned up to $1 for 6 unique clicks in a day, so if you guys actually do this, then there is no telling how much Noah might actually earn.

So, that is basically it. We get paid based on how many times the page is loaded and how many times people click on ads on this site, and how many times people perform searches on this site.

So get to clicking, pretty please!

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