Friday, March 24, 2006

We're getting on a plane!

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Tomorrow we are heading to Virginia to visit Grammy and the rest of the Tureman clan. It will be our first trip on an airplane, so wish us luck! Hopefully Noah will enjoy it and we'll all have a great week visiting with family and friends. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures and post them when we return.


Mandy McCammon said...

You probably already know this but...You may want to feed him on takeoff and landing to prevent his ears from hurting due to the pressure. I wouldn't want you guys to have a miserable flight with him being uncomfortable. Have fun! Wish I could see you guys, I won't be there until the 5th.

Aunt Mandy said...

what a chubbers! i love this picture!! have a wonderful time in VA, give all my love to pearl and the TTs. have fun!

catsteevens said...

That sounds like FUN!!! I, too, was a little over a month old when my mother flew with me for the first time. We went to Canada.

I agree with Aunt Mandy - love the picture! Makes me want to squeeze his cute cheeks :)

Hope you have a great time with all your family.