Tuesday, July 12, 2005

210 Days to go

Today our baby has apparently finished the "critical" development period of his or her (I had just typed it's ... but that didn't feel right) legs. Which means they are at the proper location and proportional size for this stage of development. Shoulders are present, and have rotated out to put the arms at the sides of the body. The fingers and toes are now completely separated (they were webbed last week). The cells that will become the skin is in place and the intestines have begun migrating from the umbilical cord to their stomach.

The genitals are developing but are still indistinguishable, man do I know how that feels! AND... the tail has disappeared... no more cat boy or girl!!

Our baby is about 1 1/16 inch long and weighs somewhere between .04 and .11 ounces and can easily be held in the bowl of a tablespoon.

That is just mind blowing.

I do have to say, and I pray that I don't get in trouble for this, cause I HONESTLY thing it is a beautiful thing, but Sherry has started to fill out her clothes a little bit more, and has started slipping into comfortable clothes AS SOON as she gets home from work. She is still having to hide most of her symptoms at work as only two people there know.

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Lois said...

That is so sweet. I love learning about Baby McDonald--and it's parents!